May 27, 2008

Fallen Heaven

Seems like the mourning period's not over yet. I asked myself, "What should be my next post?". Does it really matter? It's not like anyone really cared on what I'm gonna post. I'll be going to KL later with SzeHow for some spamming event. Yea, an event fill with spammers. It'd been quite some time since I posted any poems. I wrote this two years ago and thought of sharing it here. So here I serenade this poem to everyone, entitled Fallen Heaven. Sounds morbid? No, nothing related to Satanism and Anton LaVey.

Fallen Heaven

I’ve fallen too quick,
Into the pits of temptations,
Never knew the trick,
Till comes the revelation,
Revealing the truth that’s sick,
Need not any explanation.

Still waters run deep,
What does it really mean?
Jealousy is for my keep,
Something that doesn’t come clean,
Am I awake or asleep?
What I’ve done is your sin.

Chilly weather high up the hills,
Freezing the blissful early morning dew,
Falling for you was a move so still,
One that could happen many times too few,
How much more will it kill?
Could it be the last I have to feel?

Mountains seemed to put on a happy smile,
A delightful scene that could last forever,
Getting smart was never my style,
For unclassified dim that was born clever,
Witty enough to never count the miles,
Distant lovers made to love forever.

I’ve seen heaven and seen it all,
But who could have thought what it really was?
I’ve climbed up high and see them fall,
But who am I to stop what I saw?
I sat humbly and she always stood tall,
God whispered I’m full of flaws.

Earthly thoughts made me write,
About my judgment on heavens’ reality,
If our world is free from war and fight,
Then it’s true we need more creativity,
In creating a place so right,
Named Fallen Heaven; freed from gravity.

Fallen from grace,
fugu's awake?