Apr 8, 2008

My Pissed Moments


First of all, to those who voted my blog for MY HAPPY MOMENTS, I would like to give you guys, girls, gays a big hug and of cause, thank you very much. Credits to Sze How, Mei Theng, Teng Hou, Ylva, Pin Jun, Elaine, Trisha, Mun Yee and Belle as well . Forgive me if i left any of your names out.

When Happy closed the entry on 7th April at 12.00am, I was at the 4th rank. Yes, it was stated in their T & C. Read it on line number 10. Quote that, 7th of APRIL. Somehow, they opened the voting once again, for . . . er, God knows why! Once again, donkeys/contestants/bloggers/monkeys/prostitutes and gigolos went on a voting spree, AGAIN!?

They Got Me
I was wondering to myself, why on earth would Happy do such a thing? Closing the voting entry, and re-opening them in like . . . I don't know. I was already kinda pissed because the internet connection in my housing area got screwed up. But you know what got me even more pissed? It's HAPPY. Why HAPPY? Why should I when I'm pissed?

I'm Getting Them Back
I don't know who is it to blame, but I'm surely putting the blame on the Happy staff. Are you guys/girls, in Happy's a bunch of sadist? That's why you need to work in Happy to put that smile back in your face? Come on, can you actually read the calendar? Do you understand it? And also, have you guys ever thought of that mistake you all fucking in the condition no.10, NUMBER TEN!


To tell you (the happy sadist staffs) the truth, your voting period for the SECOND time ended on the 8th of April. How sad? If only you people monkeys there understands the calendar. Oh ya, all I wanna say is, you made another mistake by putting this, upon locking the votes, for the second time. You heard me right, second time.

Voting for Happy Moments has ended! Please hold your breath as our judges sift through YOUR top 10 to find the top 3 happiest entries!

YOUR top 10? I don't think so. I think they should have put this instead,

Voting for Happy Moments has ended AGAIN! Please hold your breath as our judges sift through YOUR top 10 to find the top 3 MOST SPAMMED ENTRIES.

Yea, I felt much more comfortable reading that. And yes, I hope you sadist is reading my blog from your Happy Headquarters, which is not Happy at all. Get your infos and set your rules right before starting some sort of spamming contest.

They'll Never Get Me
You wasted my time blogging bout my Happy Moment, and I won't be pissed if I did lose out on the ACTUAL voting period. Too bad, they somehow extended it. Anyway, I'm glad I did. I have quite a pretty suggestion for the sadist in Happy. I really think, you should have change your contest name to . . .




p/s: maybe you guys didn't make any mistakes, just make your rules clearer next time. next time if there's any.

Come and get me!