Mar 5, 2008

Of Nokia, Samsung, Dogs, and Mika

Half time and it's 0 - 0 in San Siro, 1 - 0 in Nou Camp, and 1 - 0 in Old Trafford. Ok, so what? I'm a not a fan of any teams in action today but I'm alright with Arsenal just because they have good looking jerseys. I shall be awake again this time, tomorrow to watch Roma's game. Anyway, I said there'll be a post every day for this week. I kinda messed things. Do you consider this as a post?

First of all, I would like to apologize for being lazy. It wasn't my fault! Believe it or not, it was my cellphones' fault! He She went nuts by herself for no reasons! You gotta believe it, as I'm not the only one who experienced such nutty behavior, ask Chrys. Oh ya, you gotta ask Samsung too. They don't go black out, they just got them self wipe out. When 'she' goes nuts, she becomes really clean. What I'm saying is, the screen turned totally white. Ya, she's white and there aren't any moles on her. Once again, for no reason. Well, I took it to Samsung's FMG workshop as 'she' is still under warranty. Haha, quote that. Sounded really weird. In return, they gave me a Nokia phone to use till they return me my phone. Ya, Samsung for Nokia. Don't ask me why, cause it will never make any sense.

*p/s: i assumed that my phone is a 'she' because i can't think of anything in this world that can go nuts by them self for no reasons, other than a 'she'. Get it? You don't? SHE is a GIRL.Still don't get it? Ok, i now assumed that you're a girl and you're reading my blog.

sleek and beautiful you


fat, thick, bulky and bulkier you


How do I feel right now? Ok, imagine this scenario. You have this cute dog down there, he/she ate KFC and is now down with bird-flu.


You sent her/him/whatever to the best undertaker doctor in town. The conman doctor said he'll give you another dog as your companion while your pretty bitch doggie is being treated at the cemetery clinic. He promised there won't be any major differences between your doggie and the temporary replacement. Time for some work out, scroll down.

Oh no, not this . . .


Here's the replacement I'm talking about.


How do you feel now?

Before I start ranting even more, allow me to share a song here. It's a cute song, beautifully written and . . . it's funny. I now present you with . . . *drumrolls*


You might heard of him but on the other hand, you might not. Does it really matter? Come on peeps, I shared good music with you. It's time for you to spend a little time voting for me! Cheers!

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Good morning Malaysia!
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