Mar 5, 2008

The New Proton Perdana?

Attention car lovers, reviewers and Malaysians! Spotted is the new Proton Perdana. Sources said that the design of this car was inspired by Volkswagen Passat. Here's 3 shots of what could possibly be the new Proton Perdana.




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I kinda like the car. Reminds me of the Mercedes S-Class. The front of the car looks like a combination of Toyota Camry and the S-Class. The question now is, if this is really the new Proton Perdana. And if it's for real, how much will the car cost? You be the judge.

Okey, I'm done updating you with a sneak preview of what could possibly be a new car by our national car maker. It's your duty now to vote for my blog! It's for Happy, not the upcoming General Elections!

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