Mar 2, 2008

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

What a sunny Sunday morning! I woke up to find that I'm still dreaming. Anyway, the first thing I did was turning on my laptop and from there, I got a funny feeling that I gotta check my mail. And so I did. Guess what? I got another campaign from Nuffnang! haha. It's my third campaign this year. Since it's Sunday morning, I supposed everyone should/will/could be chilling at home with nothing to do. Anyway, I'll post something everyday for this week and remember do drop by every single hour day!

Kicking off with some good hilarious video, featuring my course mate. He was presenting during my networking class in college and . . . Check it out yourself. It's just a short clip!

video courtesy of szehow

To everyone
How was it?

To whom it may concern
Sorry for posting your video on the blog, I can't help it!

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