Mar 3, 2008

Anything but Love Again

Good afternoon peeps! As I said in my earlier my post, there'll be an update a day for this week. I'll try to relate my post to the description of my blog since I went way off topic for the past few weeks. The description of my blog is . . . a simple blog about food and places,music and poetry. Keep reading and you'll know what I'm posting, obviously.

Anything but Love Again

The purest complexion,
Written on my face,
Taste sour,
Yet never been devoured,
Pleasure that led to depression,
Hate to love in such grace.

How do you define love?
Should I trust your words?
I've done all that I could serve,
To realize that true love do hurts.

I shouldn't have fallen in love again,
A painful lesson that I once gained,
To whom I seek?
To heal my broken heart,
Is there another pick?
To bandage the deepest cut.

You could have told me earlier,
It wasn't the feel that you wanted,
I should have known I'm the failure,
From the previous love I'd mistreated.

No I don't want to fall in love,
Anything but falls in love again.

"The good wasn't made perfect,
The pure wasn't made clean,
Every cause does have an effect,
Just like tracks of where you'd been."

Yea, a poem. I wrote this last year and kinda bumped into it randomly just now. Thought of sharing it with everyone. This poem is totally fictional and I forgotten what inspired to write it. Anyway, tell me honestly what you think of this poem.

Thank you for reading