Feb 17, 2008

Someone Who Believes In You

I updated my blog last night morning, and I'm approximately 2 hours late today. Pardon my mistake if my calculation is wrong as studies shows that people tend to count wrongly when half of their brain cells is comfortably numb. I don't think that sentence made any sense. The only sense it made was non-sense. Anyway, it's not that I'm having any kind of disease or sickness. I just happen to accidentally yea right! build this really bad habit of sleeping late or rather early during my college break. What causes it? Well there are plenty of reasons such as doing my revisions, finishing off my assignments, feeding my dogs at 4 am and doing the laundry. Not really, haha. Spent most my time awake doing nothing. Yea, nothing as in gaming, listening to songs, and of cause writing poems. Got really inspired recently. Why? You tell me because I seriously have no ideas. An hour ago I was writing one, and 40 minutes later, I'm done with it. Titled at "What is Love?" and the title says it all. I thought of posting it here but I think it's better to not do so. Reasons? I might not post it after the poem was read by.... er.... someone. .. Do I really need to explain? Moving on, the second reason is I fear it might be abused for the wrong reasons.

Therefore, I now present you with an old but really nice classic,

Someone Who Believes In You by Air supply
click the play button yourself
it's annoying at times for it to autoplay =)

Stay tune peeps!
fugu, what is love?