Feb 20, 2008


Was clicking around the net and found some interesting facts. Sharing it all with everyone here! Pay attention and warn your loved ones. Haha.

According to research (via the BBC) released to time neatly with all those women exercising to remove the christmas poundage, apparently 9.5 million British women don't wear the right bra when they run and are damaging themselves irreperably. Some scary facts and figures...

  • Boobs move in a figure of 8 shape when you jog. This strains your ligaments and tissues.
  • If you run a mile, your bosoms will bounce 135 metres.
  • Each funbag moves independently of the body by an average of 9cm for each step.
  • An average boob weighs 200 - 300g.
  • Wearing an average bra stops bounce by 37%.
  • Wearing a sports bra stops bounce by 78%.

I'm sure all the blokes who spend all their time at the gym will be disappointed when all those bouncing bosoms are appropriately strapped down, but ladies you will thank your ugly scaffolding-esqe bra in years to come. And who cares if you can't really breathe properly? Price worth paying, in my view. Go buy one. Such as the Shock Absorber, who's makers, Berlei, sponsored the research.Ohmegosh! Jogging?



Goodnight peeps!
sweet dreams,fugu!