Feb 2, 2008

I Truly Do

Dear Reader,
I know I'm wrong to post that much offensive pictures in my previous post. I know my blog is not totally about food but, sometimes I feel good when people tell me how hungry I made them in the middle of the night. You can't blame me. It's just me. I'm sorry everyone if the pictures did make you feel like you have not eaten a single shit for....a long time? So here I am to tell everyone that i truly do, or rather, to her, that I truly do.

Cut the crap. I know it doesn't make any sense. Haha. Here's the second poem that I'm posting in my blog. Hope you all will love it, as much as she did.

I’m not feeling good,
When you told me you’re sick,
It took away my mood,
It’s much more than I can take.
I’ve done all that I could,
Perfecting all the mistakes,
I want you to know that I would,
Do anything to stop your aches.
I truly do.

I don’t know if you’re alright,
Not getting your reply gave me a fright,
I’m just a guy, who lost his might,
I’m just a guy, and I miss you every single night.

Love is wonderful,
And loving you is beautiful,
An angel too perfect to be true,
Your presence took away my blues.
It’s true,
I truly do.

I wished that I could be the one,
To be there for you every time,
Your smile shines brighter than the sun,
Stolen my heart and it’s not a crime.

Give me a chance to prove my worth,
I would and I will give you all,
Let our witness be heaven and earth,
And I promise never will our love fall.
I mean it,
And I truly do.