Feb 26, 2008

Funny Soccer Vids

It's 2.10am and I know I should be sleeping now as there's class for me in the morning. I just won't sleep well without sharing some 'good' stuff with you guys . . . or girls? Yes I know! I know what's the description of my blog and there aren't any post related to it lately. Why? Watch the videos below and you'll understand why. Specially dedicated to soccer fans around the world.Haha.

the prince of Rome went a lil' too cheeky

Totti against Alex Manniger. Haha

Thierry Henry with a freak goal

Arsenal cross-bar Challenge


Having a good laugh? Before I forget, to those who are new here kindly click on the link below and rank this freaking blog. I don't know if rank 1 or 5 is better. I was told it's 5, but who cares?? It's not like I'm gonna win anything, right?

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Still laughing? =)
sweet dreams fugufugu

*p/s: stay tuned for the next post on food