Feb 13, 2008

Being Single on Valentine's Day

Oh yes, love is in the air. We all know what we should be doing if, i said IF only we have a date on this 'lovely' day. The same old flowers, movies, dinner, and the list goes on. We're just a few minutes away from Valentine's Day, and I have many 'single' friends(might include myself) surrounding me. What can the singles' do on such a day when everyone's in the mood for love? Being dateless on Valentine's can invoke loneliness as well as self doubt. Some might felt left out in chilling blues while the others are embracing the fiery desire of love.

Here I present you with 5 unfashionable ways to stay single, and still surviving Valentine's day!

  1. Stay inside. Yes! By all means, never step out of your own house and avoid the society (of lovers) for just one day. Lock your doors, turn off the lights and shut you window and just wait till the day is over!
  2. Celebrate Valentine's with your family. Okay, so it doesn't really matter if we don't have a partner on this day. Valentine's is about love and yes, everyone can have all the love they want from their own family members. What's so important about getting a partner when we have our own beloved family/friends that care
  3. Do not compare yourself with others. Never ever compare yourself to the others you see on the street. If you think that there might be people pointing and laughing at you for being single, then you've been thinking too much. I mean, what the hell? Be happy and have no worries. You are yourself and remember, just because a person is partnered up on Valentine's Day doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is blissed out.
  4. Think of it as just another day, or rather a holiday. Think of all the money you're saving. Oh ya, think of it to be a commercial holiday. Tell this to yourself, "Valentine's not about love, Valentine's about selling flowers, chocolates, and jewellery." If you can think of it this way, you'll save some bucks for next years'.haha
  5. Do something you feel good doing! Yes, this is the ultimate love of all! Loving and honoring yourself on Valentines! Forget about dinners at fancy restaurant, forget about shining jewellery, forget about sissy roses, all you have to remember is yourself! Don't let yourself down with all the commercialized ideas of what love really is! All you really have to do on Valentine's (if you're single), is to pleased yourself.

Remember, it's nice to have someone special with you on Valentine's day but if you're not, that doesn't mean that you don't have loving relationships. It's about love and not about partners. So to those single who still wants to celebrate it, go ahead and do it with your other single friends, your family, anyone that showed you love, or even your hamsters and dogs that loves you so freaking much!

Valentine's a tribute to love, so enjoy!
happy valentine's fugu =)