Jan 4, 2008

New Year on Pearl Island, Penang

Guess I'm still in the holiday mood but that's not the only reason i delayed the updates here. Noticed the missing pictures from my previous post? Yes, I have no idea what happened to Picspay.com. Been away from home for 4 days to Penang for new year and it was great. Been to nice places and taken pretty pictures. I'll break down the post bout the holidays to a few parts. First stop, Northam Beach Cafe ( located opposite Northam Hotel )

Northam Beach Cafe

Nyonya Kerabu Beehoon anyone?

Blue lighting?

A stall that sells french food?


Hokkien in case you can't see

The not-so-crowded area

Happy people eating out

Char Koey Teow anyone?

Random shot of various stalls

Otak Otak, directly translated to Brain Brain

Little Philippines, good stuff

BBQ Chicken Combo Meal @ Little Philippines

BBQ Chicken with Noodles @ Little Philippines

Fried Fish Fillet with Rice @ Little Philippines

BBQ Lamb Combo @ Little Philippines

BBQ Lamb Combo @ Little Philippines

BBQ Lamb Combo @ Little Philippines

Close-up shot of the BBQ Lamb Sausage

German Sausage served with Mashed Potato and Corn

Fruit juices
or traffic light?

Kuey Teow Th'ng

Close-up shot of the BBQ chicken wings.


fresh vege salad served in bite-sized egg pastry

Fried Oyster

Seafood Popiah

nutty and sweet


The sole-survivor, interested?



Thank you for dropping by and be sure to stay tune for part II.
Happy New Year again.