Jan 20, 2008

New Year on Pearl Island, Penang - part III

1o days since my last post about Penang. Well, hell of a long time that is. Haha. You can't really blame me, blame the lazy cells in me. Anyway, It's like, 20 days after and yet I'm posting about my trip to Penang for new year. It's like, "what the hell?!". Once again, I'm loaded with pictures of good food and I can't post it all at one go right? Let's get serious this time, no japanese food, no crazy meaty hawker food. Okay? Let me start of with...something delicious yet healthy...yummy =)

The Adventist Bakery

Their famous adage, "Baking with a difference," speaks for itself in the variety of specialty bread we bake. At the Adventist Bakery, they are dedicated to think and provide as natural and wholesome foods as possible to our customers. Breads and products that come from the Adventist Bakery lifts high their healthcare aim to be the healing portal to their patients and customers.

It started in the early seventies with only one product--the wholemeal bread. The bread soon won the heart of the hospital clentele including its own staff, not only because it is healthful, but also it is palatable. The word spread around and demands for Penang Adventist Hospital healthy bread from the community grew. More and more people in Penang are moving into healthy lifestyle and consequently are looking for the hospital healthy bread.

Thus Penang Adventist Hospital developed the Adventist Bakery to cater to the needs of the patients that comes for healing as well as its own staff and at the same time provide the demand of its community that promotes health and healthy lifestyle.

The Adventist Bakery now, no longer produce wholemeal bread alone but a range of more than fifty kinds of baked products including its famous sprouted breads. Today Penang Adventist Hospital bread is well known all over Penang and other parts of Malaysia and its neighbouring country.

from http://www.pah.com.my/services/bakery_and_commissary/index.asp

As I step into the bakery, I find that my senses were playing tricks at me, and I know I'm spoilt with choices. In that very moment, I know that I'm in heaven, literally. I was thinking to myself, what a scene I have in front of me!! Nothing but good pastries. It's like...there's so much, and yet you can't choose. Here's a few random shots of the pastries sold there.

A picture speaks a thousand words
so true

i am,we are

it's true!

Chocolate Malted Brownies
irresistibly sexy

The only thing that attracted me there was, well...CHOCOLATES. Don't get me wrong, the other pastries looked really good but it's just me. I'm a chocolate lover and that explains everything. I was there for anything chocolate, and my sister got the cinnamon rolls. She's a big fan of those cinnamon thingy and she told me there's no other place that made them as good as The Adventist Bakery. Must be something special about it, right? I don't know.

brownies, cheese brownies, cocoa cakes, cinnamon rolls, choc chip cookies, egg tarts?

and all that for
RM 32.60

Plain cinnamon roll & Walnut Cinnamon Roll

lost my sanity

Pastries on a bed

Plain Cinnamon Roll
close up shot

seriously good

Final verdict: GREAT STUFF!

If you're a fan of cakes, cookies, etc, you gotta give Adventist Bakery a go. I mean, it's healthy, tasty and most importantly, affordable. The bakery is in the Adventist Hospital Penang along Burma Road. Easy? You bet. If you're in Penang, and you didn't drop by, you will never ever forgive yourself ( LOOK AT THOSE BROWNIES!! ).

END OF PART III. Stay tune for part IV.