Jan 10, 2008

New Year on Pearl Island, Penang - part II

Alright, just in case you don't know, the first New Year post was about eating out in Northam Beach Cafe with loads and loads of good hawker food. This time, this post, something Japanese from Penang. Laugh out Loud. Yes, Miraku that's located in G Hotel.

More about Miraku,

Miraku, simply means a great place for customers to enjoy great food. It is a fine dining restaurant designed to provide the art of Japanese dining to those who desire to experience gourmet food. Established under the Texchem Group of Companies, Miraku aims to bring the best of Japanese culinary to Malaysia.

Miraku also aspires to deliver the essence of Japanese cooking which places top priority in the selection of quality and fresh produce.

Armed with the best and experienced chefs directly brought in from Japan, Miraku is marked to satisfy any food connoisseur's taste buds. On top of it, our exceptionally professional and personalized service will make dining in Miraku an unforgettable experience.

Its first outlet is situated in the G Hotel, Gurney Penang with a total land area of 4568.53 square feet which can accommodate an approximately 130 customers at one time.

from http://www.texchemgroup.com/business/miraku.html


The Interior

table set up

Inside the menu
Ippin sounded really funny to me

of sushi and rolls

looking good


food for thoughts




Japanese Green tea served hot
beside a korean phone

sweet, really

Fresh Wasabi

some kind of fish, flaked

Tori Teriyaki Zen
in the menu

Tori Teriyaki Zen
top view

Tori Teriyaki Zen
different angle

Tori Teriyaki Zen
Close up shot of the teriyaki chicken

Miraku Gozen
in the menu

Miraku Gozen

Miraku Gozen
top view

Miraku Gozen
different angle

Sake Teriyaki Zen

Sake Teriyaki Zen

Sake Teriyaki Zen
different angle

Ocean Roll
ocean roll, a bit of everything in it

Ocean Roll
different angle, sort of

Spider Roll

California Roll

Double team


Dragon Roll
nice and it's kinda crunchy in the middle

RM 18?

Grilled Cod Fish
goodie good, really fresh

Fresh fish sashimi
really fishy

Tempura baby!
my fav, somehow

Battered prawn

Battered mushroom

Saba Fish
bony, very

Miso Soup
not ordinary, means good

Some eggy stuff
watery and eggy

Fresh food for Fresh people

The not so fashionable guy
so not

Tsunami, the aftermath
noticed the blurred shot

Wow, sake?
loads of them

Yea, recommended

Boys and girls alike, should be loving Miraku

Good food + Good Service = really good price.

I'm not really a Japanese food lover, but I have no problem eating out here.The conclusion?
Figure it out yourself. =)

G Spot Jazz Bar, gets you really high

End of part II. Stay tune for part III.