Dec 16, 2007

i would

A simple love poem written by me on the 18th of August. It didn't make it to my friendster blog because it was meant to be private. It's meaningless to keep it to myself now, so I thought I might as well share it here. Enjoy the poem.

I swam with her in an ocean full of dolphins,
Only for me to notice,
That she’s the only one I see,
The only one stood out,
I can never doubt,
The way I feel,
I was so sure,
And it was so pure.

I would climbed the misty peak just to be there,
Ignoring the torment,
Appreciate every moment,
To tell her what I always wanted to,
Three words that meant so much,
Much more than a human soul can ever touch,
I will always be there,
Just to show that I care.

I swear I would walk a thousand miles,
Under the watchful eyes of the midnight sun,
To just glimpse her smile,
Of innocent blissful fun,
No matter near or far,
Even if I have no fancy cars,
I hope she will always stay true,
Wiping away all our blues,
Leaving me clear without tinted clues,
Because all I want to hear is,
Yes I love you too.